The need for Education

Is bliss obtained with ignorance in an age where knowing is seen as best
Absence of intelligence
Or better defined as arrogance towards truth while following something else?
I think the latter just living brings a lesson it takes effort to remain
Truth slain
People claim
Faith but in ignorance it’s in vain
All the lame people towards each prophet before did the same
Friendships societal loyalties your action pronounced loud and clear I see you now
Barbershop conversation safi it entertains
But real truth backed and confirmed isn’t known by the masses and or otherwise rejected
5% poor righteous teachers speaking high above the heads
Of listeners they don’t hear their words
Vocabularies shrunk spell-checked, digital delivery, encyclopedia forgotten replaced adaptive dictionary new language spoken no written form
Mocked or blown off conspiracy theory TV shows, drama
What you say ummmm makes sense
I heard enough; is enough opinionated
In matters that matter ignorance fighting for sustenance and a place of relevance
One sided from its own perceptive avoiding debate with truth
politically motivated
Speech to carry on widespread encouraged
In media and song No church in the wild
Altered reality things don’t belong
Do as you like no more wrong
individual world now manipulating the whole
Highly contagious it’s the modern day plague disease control lost on the world stage
Exported brands listeners and idolaters follow along
Libraries plucked of its knowledge based books school closings and people look
The other way toward laughter and enjoyment as the future herds like cattle
to the slaughter nothing more to offer
Conversations of gossip no longer
Ideas beneficial circles that expand the brain mentally out shape passed down habitual
Conditions ingrained
Succession; a state of being worsened in distance from the source an impossible uphill battle to regain
Course people reduced to their worse
Technology dependent books aren’t bought lights go out come in the crooks
Natural disasters order and dependence lost
ignorance in full force
looting what will a TV do for you?
Restricted abilities paint the vivid picture of frustration on the faces of those who harbor
Docked in its birth it has yet to deliver
Sea going manifesto
No cargo aboard
Floating adrift loss of power at the mercy of the wind to come again ashore
Knowledge the life resource ignored
Problems stacked one atop another conclusion never drawn
Sick we are taught to live with it never the cure…
Night life sex, drugs, alcohol pours
Temporary relief deprived of higher learning
hard headed soft behinds Left soar
The ship drifting is now sinking everyone aboard all except me man over board…

Sayyar Isma’il Swift poem, “ignorance” copyright 2014


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