Fear of a Black Planet

who shot ya!!!
police issue
hunted in every season get on the ground, put your hands in the air probable cause profiling lights in the review
911 is a joke in the barrio
death tolls of black increasing over gun violence from peace officers door to door why should we give ours back too you
left for dead not detained soul leaving the body now bled out on the street dead on arrival
worthless lives devalued like the dollar
self defense, retaliation, concealed weapons, against hatred
integration, front seat refusal articulated actions civil rights seen in a dream…
wake up to withheld reality God given freedoms
sacred and meant for people
upon request denied because you still ask not given to the conquered
conviction percentages hinge on false evidence of skin color…points to guilt until proven innocent
dress code, wrong place at the wrong time
naw just black in America
promised jail or prison once you come of age
increased odds with no jobs…
driven to illegal occupations glamorized by culture of crime that pays kept hungry of prosperity success stories no higher education or sports talent left to navigate the city street maize
lying in wait stalking its prey is the game the police play
essence and thrill of the chase…
in America but not American still 3/5 or less of that fragment
workers in the house don’t care about those in the fields the great divide of the negroe suffering pschyologically from tactics of Jim Crowe
where are the wealthy amongst us why is more not said or done so I raise my voice in protest
charities that don’t find the needy donations & give sways to avoid taxation African aide but your own house is out of order
action should carry out to conclusion
if one isn’t free none are but the house nigger sees him/herself connected to their owners physically
sickness runs deep repeatedly raped mothers until acceptance, submission then feelings of love while the men are devalued in the eyes of their own women
separated babies with tainted blood now depict both sides with blind love but heartless
lies, indictments, prejudice race regarded in all verdicts predictable outcomes Americas history repeating itself
like the recolonization of Africa same book different page
evidences recorded and presented but silenced in the light of justice what will it take besides a miracle
a nation of people captive & exploited for labor & entertainment but invisible
inner city smok rises from Detroit city man holes
while Mississippi still burns
different numerators common denominators but not divisible
inherent truth seen but ignored for sought after control
internationally and domestically applied apartied broken laws
violence lies in wake of principal
diplomacy of nameless bombs and bullets gunned down and frustrated youth rebellion and guarantee of more bloodshed
sheets now suits and uniforms abbreviated societies but skinned heads
powder keg of racial tensions pressurized and salted since the previous riots sure to carry over into new generations
assassinations of our leaders in the 60’s
intel pro Hoover and written tactics infiltrated political movements to keep us submissive
uncle toms still moves amongst us, speaking and leading to nowhere if they aren’t hated by government with attempts on their life he’s one of them
ultimate truth is hated with murder while hypocrisy is allowed to live
deliberate actions of premeditated thoughts, genoicides on two continents perpetuated and carried out aggressively from fear of a black planet!!!

Sayyar Ismail “what it’s like to be black” copyright 2014


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Author/Poet grew up to U.S.born parents but me myself not born in the U.S. Al-Maghib (Morocco) is home I like to think that we all aren't bad HUMAN BEINGS...and express myself openly mainly through poetry Confined to reality...I write about experiences, current affairs, political science & historical views with researched detail (is always the aim)... I don't seek to tear anyone or any particular group down...instead re-build falsehood on truth. Insha'allah in the process people will find something good in my work and that for me is enough...

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