“weakness out in the open”

krypton to superman
German to Englishman
advantage to disadvantage
civilized to savage; the Romans to Carthage….
nemesis, societal menaces, selfishness and weakness
individuality, uniqueness
venomous beauty seductive gentleness
loss of focus sweet voices

emphasis now held to tantalizing smells and beautified movement curves & sway
slave to her rhythm
poisoned victims
hypnotic the charm
city erotic lying in wait

forces with resources trapping ritualistic & symbolic
deep tone percussion with flute overtones

hips the belly dancer silk hair radiant skin that memorize releasing pheromones
mixing x Y chromosomes passionate zone
mind blown point of no return
what follows co-habitation long or short term
exit stage right or do you go left?
romanticized personality infatuated with her company draining me of all strength…
natural attraction nature pulls like strong magnets drawn the opposites compelled to know…
intimacy of eye contact prolongs heightened bodily sensation loss of senses and orientation
feeling alive lifted the sensation better than any drug
raised by temptation to unsustainable levels intoxication sexual fantasy leaves normal relationships unhappily
women mothers to our society we have to teach, defend and protect them from impropriety

feminine revolution where is sobriety

lustfully drunk and hung over

shortage of men I know but there’ are solutions

headache I’m tired tortured I trying to keep my eyes straightforward

someone’s daughter, mother, sister, auntie, or grandmother
I love you all from the bottom of my heart

 Sayyar Ismail  “Weakness” copyright 2014


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Author/Poet grew up to U.S.born parents but me myself not born in the U.S. Al-Maghib (Morocco) is home I like to think that we all aren't bad HUMAN BEINGS...and express myself openly mainly through poetry Confined to reality...I write about experiences, current affairs, political science & historical views with researched detail (is always the aim)... I don't seek to tear anyone or any particular group down...instead re-build falsehood on truth. Insha'allah in the process people will find something good in my work and that for me is enough...

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