Some Words of Benefit

march on Moscow capitalism vs communism today sanctions and ways of isolationism defeat of nation; an ideal collapse of the Soviet Union pre-planned Bolshevik revolution and the influence of atheism…Germany’s Hitler before him Mussolini Fascism imperialistic remembrance of empire countries of subjugation to feed its desires human designers greed gold and blood diamond miners
a world lost and on fire political war games and shot down airliners
front page news headliners but you have to decipher the truth from that of the liars
loyalty out to the highest buyers
render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s worthless paper currency today give me real silver dirhams or gold dinars
recolonization of Africa over consumption surplus globalization technology application and miss-use of algebra
new agenda shot out following its trajectory curved cone shape in reference to the earth it’s parabola
in the final round now a battle of stamina
strange occurrences in the weather, animals and actions of the people upside down like it’s placed on the retina
new cases of Ebola genocide continues in Africa
making room for the exodus of Europeans disease control center missionary immunizations for converts to Christianity test tube formula
Big Bang, famine and weather draughts Mother Nature philosophy of disbelief creation of a creator with a will…

Infinite nothing densely squeezed…
explosion of clouds, rock, metals and gas our universal nebula
expansion and growth
fall of America
historical precipitation

Spherical revolution

ancient knowledge cosmetic signs and lunar calendar polarized differences electrolytic charging and discharging like a capacitor
surprise candidates for future office still running in the wilderness 100 miles more but clocking kilometers read the book and look past the cover…Words of guidance one page after another

Don’t waste your time, energy or talents on wasteful matters…crafty take time to leave something good behind, not fairy tales or pointless words about life you failed

Instead considered something that withstands time in the hour glass packed, delivered and received as a gift…more words that benefit…

Sayyar Isma’il “write with honour copyright® 2014


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Author/Poet grew up to U.S.born parents but me myself not born in the U.S. Al-Maghib (Morocco) is home I like to think that we all aren't bad HUMAN BEINGS...and express myself openly mainly through poetry Confined to reality...I write about experiences, current affairs, political science & historical views with researched detail (is always the aim)... I don't seek to tear anyone or any particular group down...instead re-build falsehood on truth. Insha'allah in the process people will find something good in my work and that for me is enough...

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