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U.S. Treaty No. 122, “The Treaty of Tripoli,” Clause 11


As the government of the United States of America is not in any sense founded on the Christian religion as it has in itself no character of enmity against the laws, religion or tranquility of Musselmen (Common English mis-spelling of Muslimmeen (meaning all Muslims))…it is declared by the parties that no pretext arising from religious opinions shall ever produce an interruption of the harmony existing between the two countries. (This treaty was negotiated under George Washington’s Administration; and President John Adams, Second U.S. President, submitted it to the U.S. Senate; the 5th U.S. Congress unanimously ratified the treaty; and President Adams signed it on June 5, 1797).


George Washington First U.S. President

( and more information at


So, there you have it folks from the first president and signed into law by the Second president. Realizing this and reading the above determined decisions by the highest court in the land should help you to understand the hypocrisy.

That same hypocrisy is alive and well today. This treaty was signed with the coastal countries of the Mediterranean North Africa (Morocco, Tunis, Algeria, and Libya). There is also the Treaty of Marrakech in 1786, which remains to this day the longest standing foreign relations treaty in American history. This particular treaty (again made by George Washington & the Sultan of Morocco) awarded the newly formed colonies of America entry into the ports of Morocco where they could easily get materials to fight against the British. Without the help of Muslim Morocco the United States may have never defeated the British…Coincidental, past events & pacts between countries, I believe are the embodiment of politics. The Arab spring of recent and the over throwing of governments in the same region that the Treaty of Tripoli was signed and written for Is today a region of political unrest headed by one of the participants of the treaty. Of course leader’s change, circumstances change, corruption takes root and agendas change…

But the considerable, extraordinary relationships of old remain in some cases. Countries are mentioned in the region of North Africa today all the way to the Middle East with hated words of terror, but among the countries mentioned on CNN or Al Jazeera you don’t hear Morocco among them. Even when they speak of the Muslim world Morocco isn’t highlighted in the group. Also amongst those not mentioned in the Muslim world is Jordan and only up until recently the mention of Saudi Arabia. All three countries are Monarchies and all three are allies with America in ways of support geographically, socially as well as for military reasons.


Could this be America honoring her friend who aided her in a time of need? Absolutely!!! Morocco, Jordan & Saudi Arabia are Muslim countries but because of a standing history with America, and aide from America they are isolated from bad press. Saudi Arabia is the exception and often the regime blamed for funding groups in wars in Muslim lands. They have also had an uprising from within on the eastern part of the country from the Shia sect. and most recently press of taking partnership with Israel in planning an attack against Iran. Whether the latter is the absolute truth or not we will have to see, but there are many evidences pointing to it having validity. All of this has a more sinister source and a hopeful provoking of the powers to be to destabilize the secular divide of Shia vs Sunni Muslims. Similar to but not exact, to that of a Mormon and catholic this divide is not tribal, it is a divide of deviation in following the pure Islam and that of innovation in the religion after the death of the Prophet s.a.w and the four righteous Khulafa r.a. who followed. Shiaism was created by a Yemeni Jew who pretended to be Muslim; his name was Abdullah Ibn Saba. What this man did is exactly what Paul did to distort the truth about Esa Ibn Mariam a.s.. In the faith of Christianity. The only difference is the last revelation is still intact therefore the resistance to fight against this deviance is our duty. The True teachings of Esa Ibn Mariam A.S. are gone and now after many centuries of deviance most don’t know the truth about the religion of Christianity…


But, Is America still following the morals of which she was founded? That is the morals of the Constitution since I have already offered a quote from the 1st President which said America is not founded upon the Christian faith. Is the Constitution still the living document it was created to be? Is the Constitution upheld and honored by the government? Are the words of the Constitution where many profound statements were made in the creation of the document that was to sustain justice in the seized land of America still echoed from recitation? Surely, we can’t disrespect the Native American people by saying otherwise. The land was seized and that is just a “FACT”.

We have all heard the term “ Conspiracy Theory”, used by those that know against the few who come into the KNOW as a defense against uncovering the hidden plots as paranoia and unjust accusations. I have never thought the term to be paranoia; in fact I have always sought to disapprove or approve theories based on the evidences put forth and by digging for more evidence to either support or rebut the theory. It is only when a theory is disproved that it can be conspiracy. Movies that showcase what seems to be a stretched imagination of technology or as not yet being obtainable are in fact already with us. The government is known to be 25-30yrs ahead of the general population in technology and its only when they have moved on to something superior that we the people are given the past technology to use in the consumer application. Take a look at this website ( Here you will see how every 25 years or so the government declassifies documents to the public on everything under the sun, which should never, been keep from the people. The Vatican does something similar I have recently learned; they don’t declassify the documents of the Pope until 80yrs after his death…Why? How does a democracy keep secrets when the definition and practical workings of a democracy is the rule of people by the people! Secrecy doesn’t exist in a democracy, at least which is not what is supposed to happen. So, how well do you know what governs you?


The cohesion of church & state has been argued from two positions…

  • The position of the liberal who suggest keeping government small and thus protect the civil/religious rights of the individual.
  • The position of those who think that religious values are the sentiment to the laws that govern the people promoting order.

With these two positions put forth, given to anyone of us to comment the opinions would be countless, but face it most of these opinions would be coming from the emotions of the people. The first formations of a city when truly thought about are not due to the advancement of society with populations coming into close proximity to live. Examples today of mega-cities of millions of people living literally one on top of the other; engineering marvels if you wish to support that view with structures of all sorts. But, given the pyramids were built thousands of years ago yet they still baffle engineers today. I support the view that man still lags behind the men of antiquity in ability. The lack of ability and resources (on all planes: physical, mental & spiritual) is the reason people pool together into cities. Our ancestors were far more resourceful than we are today, Resourceful in ways that are forgotten practices rooted in laziness from seeking affluent life styles. Affluent life styles are unsustainable even for the King who often has to surround himself with tactics of maintaining power by any means. But how long does it last really? A lifetime perhaps, but no matter what it is temporary and in many cases revolts and constant plots to kill people like this are sought, so the affluent have to always barricade themselves from the masses in order to feel safe. Secluded, lonely & depressed…Don’t we see this today in our neighborhoods? Driving to these neighborhoods you pass many less fortunate ones until you reach the divide of class. This border is usually patrolled more by the police and you can literally see the switch from bad to better in the environment of stores and homes. Cities are of the pooling of people together who are bartering one skill they have for a livelihood. But today the decay of human beings has left many without even that one skill to barter so now they are no more than slaves with only having human labor to offer at the command of others. Paid the least for the hardest work, they have no choice but to spend when they are paid and thus forced to continue the cycle of returning to the hard labor they so desperately want to be free from. This cycle has no end and no way out. You may not agree and say there is a way out, and I would then say ok, sure there is a small % who actually find their way out. Then I would anticipate you’re giving an example of some rags to riches type of story, and further concluded this very small % is unrealistic to the whole and usually has come about do to something illegal. The famous saying, “Behind every fortune, you will find a clever crime.” Even upon those whom have squeaking clean images in the public eye, if you dig deep enough or have the means too, you will find something dark. Often times the selling of one’s soul for the price of fame & fortune has been the case for many but it doesn’t come freely a sacrifice has to be given. Bill Cosby’s son on the highway murdered, Michael Jordan’s father side of the road murdered, and John Travolta his son, Kanye West his mother this list goes on and on. I mention these not as conspiracy but as a source of coincidence… But, Come on…don’t be naïve. This list is so long and involves the close family members or best friends of the famous…it also goes deeper than who is associated to whom, and tells you about the solstice evidences that are linked to time periods, dates etc. that are appropriate for ritualistic reasons. Look at the following website for more information.

( What takes me so much is the response of each to their lose. They all seemed to not be so affected later in the public working etc. While some never return, I guess now absorbed in the reality they have committed… Sure people grieve in different ways, but I still mourn my mother after 13yrs. Now way was I able to work after, I was a wreck. So using myself as a reference I find it pretty strange. Secondly, in the cases of the murders the perpetrators were never caught in a few and in the case of Michelle Hudson a crazy family member was the fall guy. Nonetheless it’s intriguing to say the least and worth a look to ponder over, I guarantee it will raise an eyebrow…

Forgive me for the tangent into the occult, but I like to be thorough about everything when trying to convey a point. So, I will take the opportunity to also apologize for any future deviance in expanse of a point, and will try to keep the reading as clear & concise as I can so you can easily follow.

Now, with so many seeking the affluent life of luxury and ease with no skills to barter other than what is demoralizing, lode, ignorant, offers no benefit to society etc. we now have cities on the brink of chaos. Crime ridden because of human capture into concrete wilderness that is unforgiving to survival, and with no land to go back to or means to leave. If you were to stand on the roof top of a building threatening to jump you would be arrested, and placed in a padded room where you would be fed 3 times a day both while in jail and the mental hospital; but if you are starving and begging for food you will be passed by all day long and barely given anything. An Oxy Moran of what cities are and a reflection of the state we human beings are in.

Now, I would like to further defend the other point I have about the decay of people and the degeneration of society by the formation of cities with a brief story if I may…

There was a man who lived in a small village with no more than 50 people or so. He was married with 3 children who worked the land growing vegetables and a few animals for dairy, eggs & meat. His primary work was a fisherman in the hours before dawn. Each day he would take his small vessel to the sea and cast his nets and catch his share of fresh fish. He would then bring the fish home, clean the fish for the evening, and then have breakfast with his family, play with his children, have a nap at noon, wake to afternoon reading, leisure or time with his wife… whatever he wished and dinner with his family every evening. So, on one occasion after pulling in his nets and coming into shore he was approach by a young business investor who had watched the man before and the success he had each day with his catch. So, he decides to approach the man and he says hello, I’m so and so a business investor; have you ever thought about going into business for yourself? The man says, “No”. So the businessman says, “You should really consider it, with your luck at fishing you would do well”. The man says, “Why would I want to do something like that”. The businessman says, “well, if you fished a little longer and brought in more fish, and then took some home for food and the rest to market to sell in 5yrs you could have enough for a large boat & a couple of helpers. 5yrs more a second boat with more helpers, and 5 more yrs. a third boat with even more helpers and now also retirement”. The man says, “Then what”? The businessman surprised says, “Then what? No more work for you pale…you would be home for breakfast with the family, play with children, have a nap each day, wake to afternoon reading, leisure or time with the wife… whatever you wished and dinner with your family every evening”. The man says, “I have all of that now, why wait 15yrs”.

I think that this short story sums up the life outside the city and proves to all of us the quality of life over the life in the city. The life of resourcefulness is full of good, and eases although many would argue otherwise. One thing about the pace of life is that it is speeding up and people now have to run. Multiplied over time people spend most of their time at work and another large chunk of time sleep, which means realistically we all have very little time to ourselves to be free. Exactly, you say…Work make lots of money until you don’t have to work anymore. The argument of some will never seize right? But, like the fisherman why do you not recognize the bird in hand instead of the one in the bush? Owning land frees one from all things in the earth, and allows you to be solely dependent on the creator for the necessary means. Food, Water and shelter along with livelihood are all present in land ownership. There would be far less if any, beggars or hungry people on the earth with land ownership. This would then return to the overall quality of life upon the entire planet fewer problems in violence, and exploited ignorance’s contributing to all societal problems. I ask how the damage to America can be reversed and I gave my opinion of “NO CHANCE” only because I know that the culture of the people is heavy influenced to paper pushing cosy office type jobs. However, for the few who understand this, and think about how they can make use of vacant plots of land as community gardens etc. will come to enjoy a sense of relief from dependence on society. We are at the end of a cycle, therefore to continue you have to repeat the process over again, this time cutting out all that which is corrupt and didn’t work. Agriculture, Manufacturing would again make America competitive in time with the technology she has but…those in control have other plans.

Government in the United States has been drawing people into the cities for jobs dependent on conditions foreign & domestic and off the land for more than a century destroying the agricultural inheritance of the country. Now Farmers are so heavily subsidized by the government many grow only one crop; Others Grow for incentives in green energy having 2 harvest a year growing crops such as corn for one harvest to produce ethanol for fuel, and the second harvest for food consumption. This has made the country unable to meet its internal food consumption, so lots of foods are imported. Spare income of the diverse population has also increased the demand of foreign items. Many independent farmers who grow organically have been raided by the FDA in seizure of animals, plants & crops and in one case the mass slaughter of imported sheep from a Europe on one family’s farm. All the horror stories are posted on the internet for anyone interested in following that story. It’s truly an indication that the FDA is enforcing a plot that many say leads to population control and conformity to hormone enriched meat, milk, eggs, & genetically modified vegetables.

Living in crowded cities doesn’t afford anyone the opportunity of planting a kitchen garden that would easily feed a family all year round. Many items could actually be grown in doors in bad climates with good sunlight and in a seasonal fashion outdoors in warmer climates. But life has made man a worshipper of material gain; at the same time it has handicapped him severely to a fate that is inevitable to his condition.

A continuity of the same plan set in motion; many achievements take time to reach the intended political outcome. Sublimely, to the ordinary person they don’t see what is intended. The reason most of us see this way is because we have left of the connection with history & sacrilegious intentions to drive mankind to a corralling that has become all too apparent today. When we learn to see the means behind the plots then we are able to see the bigger picture and not the feeble detachments of a much larger plan. Like religion, politics has become ritualistic in speech and action; we can always count on hearing the same thing from any politician on promises that he or she is not able to honor either by bad intention or lack of ability to do altogether. No politician is able to come into office and fix everything…People thought Obama would come into office and magically turn all the wrongs into rights. Black people are especially guilty of expecting someone else to fix the problems that were supposed to have been eradicated with civil rights, NAACAP, Anti-deformation League etc. Prop’s to cry to while you do nothing yourself politically to control your own communities. Shame on you to think so…What is the President’s position, do you know? Commander in Chief of the military and CEO/President of the Corporation that is America, But like any other company the CEO is not the tip top of the pyramid it’s the Board of Directors who determine everything. I was not kidding when I told you that America is a Corporation in the land of North America, not a Country. Why do you think differently? If you don’t believe me then do the research on sovereign states. Ask yourself how much of what has been broken by corrupt government can be repaired? In my opinion, nothing of the government can be repaired or salvaged and much like a business they plan to write things off. One reason other than picking up the pieces of the past of Agriculture & Manufacturing, is because we all like to point or shift blame to others or groups but we forget that it is us collectively who make up the government. Responsibility of everyone to make sure that corruption finds no place, that fairness is the only method employed, and that equality and all other justices are honored. How can a government that was founded on good words, but words that don’t apply to everyone equally go on forever without one day imploding? Even after freedoms & civil rights were grant the injustices have been kept in practised until this day. This type of hypocrisy is a disease that gets worst as time passes and when you finally get the diagnosis it’s too late to do anything. At this point you do your best to medicate, and live with it until it finally overtakes you. The country is no different than this analogy. Common sense people, what ever happened to them? How can a government that should reflect the people be saved when the people are divided? When do the people ever discuss the common issues that all people on the planet have in common? We have all come about through the creator, and none of us can leave when we want. Therefore, we must begin to not allow stupidity to occupy our minds in the least. Don’t lend an ear to it either, because that is what ignorance does, it works over time enduring and eventually taking hold somewhere until it becomes a movement itself against the truth.


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Author/Poet grew up to U.S.born parents but me myself not born in the U.S. Al-Maghib (Morocco) is home I like to think that we all aren't bad HUMAN BEINGS...and express myself openly mainly through poetry Confined to reality...I write about experiences, current affairs, political science & historical views with researched detail (is always the aim)... I don't seek to tear anyone or any particular group down...instead re-build falsehood on truth. Insha'allah in the process people will find something good in my work and that for me is enough...

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