“The Human Farm”

green pastures seen from overhead depict differences in crop boundaries shaped of farmer ownership striking similarity to countries and their leadership

colonies of people driven by the farmer to produce, given provisions to fatten themselves seduced by images of choice while held in the land to graze

Indigenous people killed by famine and warlords foreign USA aide rich mineral and natural resources lye within…

Driven out and boundaries redrawn arrogance of the white man to put his own name on black land…

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Author/Poet grew up to U.S.born parents but me myself not born in the U.S. Al-Maghib (Morocco) is home I like to think that we all aren't bad HUMAN BEINGS...and express myself openly mainly through poetry Confined to reality...I write about experiences, current affairs, political science & historical views with researched detail (is always the aim)... I don't seek to tear anyone or any particular group down...instead re-build falsehood on truth. Insha'allah in the process people will find something good in my work and that for me is enough...

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